Goodbye Utopia: London Real Estates


Goodbye Utopia is a Project about a broken dream.
Utopia is the name used for the new ‘’buildings of the future’’ build to get the working class a new home, throwing them into the future, it was the trial for a new city,a new social concept, a new Era, that was the intention at least, but Tom doesn’t look to me as a man from the future, he looks as he is, a man of few thoughts, but confused.

Since when those building were built up many things changed, London is changed and the world as well. Built as a new refuge for the lower class,around the ’60 thousands of people has been moved from the center to the suburbs, creating small centre similar to different towns in the city. When in 1979 Margareth Thatcher government with the 1980 housing act let the people buy the Council Flats they were living in, it seems the city were changing in good. Unfortunately this egalitarian act changed forever the British’s Housing forever: the rich investors bought 30 percent of the council,inflating the prices.

Egalité, fraternité, 1200 pounds for a studio flat.
Today the Council Estate system in London looks like an old derelict, but the beauty of people won always, even more in hard times.

About the author:
Marco Sconocchia is an Italian photographer based in London since 5 years.  He studied Photography at Franco Balbis, and he’s specialised in social photo-reportage. He founded a photography collective called F/27 in 2015.

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