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I Hate Green. A collection of Photographs by White Space 2012-2013 – AKA Steele-Perkins

As a photographer I am concerned with the aesthetics and cultural politics associated with landscape tradition, a sense of belonging and difference, sentimentality and uncertainty, as well as the tensions and dialogue between art and record pictures. It is within . I started out on this journey taking the sentiments of the work of Peter Fraser made during the mid eighties, again not aiming to be didactic in my approach. One of his images has always remained in my near conscience – I hate Green daubed on a green tin shed; The images in his (Frasers) book Two Blue buckets seemed to glance past key geographical locations from the immediate area that I spent the formative years of my childhood through to the where I went on to study Photography at Art school. This irony has led me on my current journey where I have retreated into my own metaphysical shed and remixed the work played out in the key images. I hate green has become a journey in its self.








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