Ivan is a Serbian menswear fashion designer currently based in Belrin.
Introducing: Ivan Mann
Edited by: Matteo Menotto

Ivan has deep dark eyes and silently observes the world around him. Part of his work starts yet by studying human behaviours, trying to bring life habits towards a universal concept of elegance. Cleans lines compose his outfits, able to structure not only a cloth but the full character of a suffering, reflective but strong man, inspired by Pasolini’s movies. The psychology melts with the influence of architectural form in a shape that is defined, logical and never excesses.




Ivan in fact asserts: “The theme of my collection is the Italian film maker Pier Paolo Pasolini, who inspired my menswear collection for Autumn/Winter 2010/2011. The title of my collection is: “P.P.P.”. Pasolini always tried to reveal the society in his work, to show the bare truth about it, in order to show how people really are and give them therefore the possibility to put on new clothing to do things better in the future. I adapted this idea onto my menswear collection and translated it into modern menswear clothing. I undress and dress people in new and better IVANMAN- clothing. My clothes have simple shapes, are easy to wear and are comfortable at the same time. My collection is elegant and in balance. My focus lays within the details, which make my collection recognizable, such as: visible shoulder pads, collar details at the shirts, special pleating and cuts especially within the trousers and jackets. The main fabric used in my collection is cotton. My clothing dresses, but does not disguise. My collection is literary, graphical and sculptural.”

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A refined sense of elegance is thus applied to a casual clothing that can fit every moment of the day, uprising the rhythm of a routine with a drops of Nordic glamour where black goes along with beje and white becomes solid in tones determined but never invasive.

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Currently his creations for A/W 2010/2011 are available at “Naxus” showroom in New York , at “Agentur Flux” showroom in Frankfurt and online at his website.


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