For the AW16 collection, James Long has dedicated his collection to his local heroes – the people who inspire him and his work. James described his collection as ‘fun and pieces that we all wear everyday’.

The collection consists of tacksuits, trackpants, sweatshirts, waterproof zip-up jackets, denim, fur jackets, harness boots and knee high right boots. The prints on the sweatshirts have a self-drawn logo calling out to the local heroes, which is also the image on the ticket. A lot of mix and match materials used onto one piece of garment such as woven coloured stripes of various widths are used in a tailored jackets, sweattops and tracksuits tops.

The AW16 collection is very colourful and very true to the ‘fun’ part which is what James has described. Bright metallic blue and red strips were on waterproof jackets, sweattops, trackpants and tranksuits. Also camouflage colours were used in this collection, I guess you can’t really see you heroes because they are cam camouflage to our eyes. One thing that catches my eyes is the footwear. They have been specially made by Christian Louboutin and the coloured strips on them are just define, so luxuriates, appropriate and fashionable for the winter.

Overall, the AW16 collection by James Long is very sporty, fun, comfortable and yet still very fashionable. The colours, fabrics and those boots will definitely brighten and prepare you for any winter day, especially in England.

London Collections Men – James Long AW16

Date:10th January, 2016

Venue: 180 Strand, London



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