L:CM : K-T-Z AW16

The KTZ AW16 collection is inspired by the sports world. With cultural references ranging from Russian Futurism to American baseball and the pioneering German electronic band Kraftwerk. I would call this collection elegance meets sports.

The fabrics used were very sport adapted – tracksuits, trackpants, sweatshirts, jackets and those very outstanding footwear. All the silhouettes were constructed with dynamic geometric prints (Strips) in a minimal colour scheme and assembled with high-contrast baseball lacing. The most eyes-catching pieces must be the British flag cape, with two models striking down the runway at the same time, it added extra drama and excitement, and especially we were in the middle of London Collections Men week. Another surprise element was there KTZ casted female models who was wearing the AW16 womenswear collection in the AW16 collection. The female model was described as strong and confident, which I thought compromise with the AW16 men collection as well as the meaning of KTZ – ‘universe for and woman who is intelligent and ready for action’.

With this season, the collection was held in BFC showspace in Strand, which I thought was much better than the venue of last season. The set up was simple, just a plain runway and no metal fencing or strip lights. With all these influences behind this collection, I can unquestionably say that the KTZ AW16 collection is very athletic, functional and fashionable. With gym-wear is the new trend, this collection is without a doubt the must have in anyone’s wardrobe.

London Collections Men – KTZ AW16

Date: 10th January, 2016

Venue: 180 Strand


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