Megan Baker

Photos by Megan Baker


Megan Baker (b. 1991) began taking pictures at the age of three, when she picked up the family Polaroid and began documenting the eventful lives of her toys. She wasn’t born into a family of photographers, where she got the knack for photography remains a mystery.

At age nine, Megan was winning both county and state photography competitions, including ‘Best of the Best’ Illinois State Awards. She began getting paying jobs at only twelve years old.

In 2005, Megan was kicked out of her conservative Christian School she had been attending for 7 years, which inspired future work. Her parents began to get concerned after she generally became a recluse and stopped witnessing the light of day. After an attempt to reintroduce her to society, she came across an abandoned house. She was very intrigued by it, and the obsession began. Road trips were taken to small towns that had experienced an economic downfall in 2006, and her series ‘Decampment’ was created. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and has been blogged about by Janet Jackson and some of the top art and design blogs.

In 2008, she began working on a new series, entitled “Little Boxes” which is a somewhat continuation of ‘Decampment’ but concentrating more on the structures themselves, as opposed to the people who left them.

At age seventeen, in 2009, she moved to Chicago. She spends her time photographing interesting buildings across the United States, touring with musicians, and trying to figure out city living.







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