Nofound: The contemporary photography fair in Paris
From November 16th to November 19th 2012

Milomir Kovačević, Mali vojnici, 199250x60cm ©Duplex10m2

Where: At Garage Turenne – 66 rue de Turenne – 75003 Paris, France

When:Open to the public – Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th and Monday 19th, 11am-8pm from the series ‘Make up Girls’, 2012.

NoFound Photo fair is a new photo fair in Paris with a focus on art photography and art publishing.
The first edition was presented last year and had good feebacks from the critics.

In the next following days we’ll publish more article about it.

This is the list of the exhibitor:

ARTE & Galerie du Jour agnès b (Paris)

Éditions be-pôles (Paris)

Éditions Summer Lake (Annecy)

Galerie Binôme (Paris)

Duplex/10 m² (Sarajevo) with the support of Reporters Sans Frontières

La FOG (Paris)

Food for your Eyes (Paris)

Guilty by Association (Paris)

Galerie Franck Taal (Rotterdam)

deGroot Foundation (USA)

Galerie Florence Leoni (Paris)

Jean Boite Éditions (Paris)

Journées photographiques de Bienne (Bienne)

Kijk Galerie (Paris)

La Porcherie (Menetreux Le Pitois)

Libro Arte (Tokyo)

Le Magasin de Jouets (Arles)

Melk Galleri (Oslo)

Kaiserin Editions (Paris)

Revue Monstre (Paris) & Galerie de Roussan (Paris)

NextLevel Projects (Londres)

Galerie Olivier Waltman (Paris/Miami)

Mörel Books (Londres)

NextLevel Projects (Londres)

Galerie Olivier Waltman (Paris/Miami)

Photo Levallois Festival (Levallois)

Galerie RTR (Paris)

SeeLevel Gallery (Amsterdam)

Source Photographic Review (Dublin)

Galerie Territoires Partagés (Marseille)

Troika Editions (Londres)

Galerie Van der Stegen (Paris)

Galerie Vincenz Sala (Paris/Berlin)

Festival Voies Off (Arles)

Wada Garou Co. (Tokyo)

Wilderness (Bruxelles)

Xpo Gallery (Paris)

Zen Foto Gallery (Tokyo)

Special Projects:

Ed Templeton
Ronald Dagonnier
FOAM Museum (Amsterdam)
Thierry Mouillé (avec la Galerie Claudine Papillon, Paris)
Marty de Montereau (Paris)
nofound Prize (gagnant 2012: Marie Quéau)

This year at NoFound you’ll able to attend to the solo show of Harmony Korine, brought by ARTE,in partnership with the Galerie du jour – agnès b.

Harmony Korine, known mostly as director of movies suck as Kids,Gummo and Spring Breakers, presented to the Biennale Film Festival in Venice in september that is coming out next year in the cinemas, is A multidisciplinary artist who uses drawing, photography, painting and video. His quirky art, filled with humour and a sense of tragedy, reveals evocative and provocative scenes that disconcert his audiences.

No Title. série Bad Son, 1998, Tirage noir et blanc argentique courtesy galerie du jour agnès b.

Thierry Mouillé, Les peintres internationaux, 1999.Courtesy Galerie Claudine Papillon

Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier, Double Extension Beauty Tubes, Multimedia Installation, 2010 (c) Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier. Foam Museum

Berndault Smilde, Nimbus Minerva, 2012, 125 x 190 cmcourtesy xpo gallery

Ed Templeton

Sho Niiro, Sanya from series Another Side, 2006-2012,Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier, Double Extension Beauty Tubes, Courtesy Libro Arte

Javier Arcenillas, Red Note, 42 x 39 cm, Courtesy Javier Arcenillas Grand Prix de la Découverte Paris, France & USA

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