1) Can you tell us about PUZL?
The name PUZL comes from my affinity for jigsaw puzzles, LEGOs and problem solving games as a kid. Some facets of that became apart of my way of thinking about life. I see life as this big, never-ending puzzle. When you start out you only have a couple of the pieces, but as you grow and learn, more start fitting into place. I started PUZL so that I could create and share some of my own pieces with the world. Who knows? Maybe PUZL has something you’ve been missing all along…


2) Where does it come from the idea of PUZL?
PUZL started at the beginning of last year as a solo project to expand my personal portfolio. I decided to create a brand that meant something to me personally and wanted to see how far I could take it. As the designs and concepts grew I began to realize that this had more potential. It was around August/ September that I decided to turn PUZL into something realistic. I had already come up with a decent group of T-Shirt, Snowboard and Skateboard designs, and figured I’d give it a shot. Since T-Shirts were the cheapest of the designs to make I decided to start there, and created an internal sub-brand called PUZL Clothing. Through my connections and a previous job at a company called Karmaloop.com I was given the opportunity to sell my shirts on the underground site called Kazbah. I gave myself a deadline of a couple months to get everything together. With the help of my friend Rob Ramos (now VP of Marketing) and colleague Kevin Banks (now Creative Director), we brought the brand to life, and on April 2nd, 2010 we launched our first series of shirts, the PUZL Spring 2010 Collection.


3) What’s the aim of your new campaign?
PUZL’s aim is to remain multi-faceted, and to explore every corner of the design world. We don’t want to limit ourselves to one type of medium or style. Ultimately I see the company becoming a Studio that will house an eclectic array of artists, designers, writers etc. with the aim of trying to help each of those individuals accomplish their own personal ambitions.


4) Witch kind of design are you intrested in?
I personally have an interest in a multitude of design practices, and I particularly enjoy Architecture. Last year I saw a huge collection of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum in New York…incredible stuff. As for PUZL, I would like to keep all options open; it’s a great opportunity for me to learn about different styles, mediums, and people invloved with them.

5) Where we can buy your products?
The PUZL Spring T-Shirt Collection can be purchased exclusively here at Karmaloop’s Kazbah store

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