Winkel Lamp

Edited by: Roberta De Monte

Design by: Dirk Winkel

Proofreading: Bianca Baroni

Photos courtesy Wästberg

Winkel w127

Last week, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014, they presented the ‘Winkel W127’, a slim desk lamp, designed by Dirk Winkel, in collaboration with designfabrik ® from BASF, reated for the Swedish lighting brand Wästberg. In this project, what  was fundamental was the designer’s will to create a material and essential object, highlighting the importance and value of the material used.

Winkel w127

Winkel W127 is made of fiberglass reinforced by bio-polyamide material by BASF that exhibits dimensional stability and is highly chemical-resistant. Furthermore, the compound is completely recyclable. The mechanical solution is based on micro gas springs, usually used in the automotive and electronics industries.

Winkel w127

The lampshade is adjustable and the lighting system is based on a highly energy-efficient multichip LED, through which the multiplication of the shadows can be avoided by maximizing the sharpness of the light. The device, in order to give optimum light distribution and a good quality of lighting, has both a reflector and a diffuser lens. Also, there is a system of protection from sunlight so that  both direct and indirect glare can be minimized.

Winkel W127

The light intensity in Winkel W127 is managed by a dimmer without solution of continuity, which, connected to a timer, increases or decreases the power of the light, according to the brightness in the room. Winkel W127 is produced with the base, to be placed on any surface, with clamp or pin.

Winkel W127

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