Skateboarding with Hugo Villanova


We did a short interview with  Hugo Villanova:  he’s a 18 years old international model from France. He’s a young skateboarders and he started 7 years ago.

How are you today Hugo?
Today i’m really good !

As you travel sometimes for your work, where are you at the moment?
I have been travelling in cities like Milan, London, Amsterdam, Paris and New York. Now i’m in my hometown, that’s Bordeaux.

What do you think about your city?
As i said I live in Bordeaux, it’s a nice city to visiting but also fro living, and also for skating. I like it also because it’s less expensive than Paris.

Do you remember the day you get your first skateboarding?
I don’t remember my first skateboarding day but it was in april,  around 7 years ago.

Do you think that Paris is a skate-friendly city?
Yes for sure! Paris is a skate-friendly city. I remember once i was with a friend of mine and we have been at the place de la Republique. We didn’t know anybody there, but suddently someone skating started speaking with us, he was very frendly and he proposed to skate with us. That’s how we started.

Where is the best spot to skate in Paris?
I think my favorite spot in paris is Republique.

Where do you skate usually? There are skateparks or do you skate just around the “natural” spots that the city is able to offer?


I skate around my city with the natural spots that my city is able to offer. I don’t like so much skatepark because there are so many kids and too much rollers etc ..

Do you think that the Palais the Tokyo is “The Spot”?
I Iike The Palais of Tokyo! Is a great skate spot and also i like it as art museum. The floor is very worn.

A part from Paris, do you have another favorite city to skate around? I used to skate in London at Southbank and at Nike skatepark. I liked also to skate in New York, I think was my favorite city so far!

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