Call for Submissions – Posi+tive Berlin

Berlin’s skyline photo by Florian R. Grohmann

Call for Submissions – Posi+tive Berlin

Hey Berliners!

Do you have a story to tell?

Posi+tive Magazine is now accepting submissions for our upcoming Berlin issue.

Did you find inspiration while riding the U8, or a perfect photo opportunity while walking through your Kiez? Did you attend Berlin Fashion Week, or see a great exhibition, performance, or concert recently?

Share your work – send your submission to

The launch of Posi+tive Magazine’s Berlin issue will focus on events, places and people based in Berlin and should present a clear link to the city itself. Selected work will be published on our website and/or in the upcoming special Berlin issue. Your work will also be presented at our exclusive launch event.

Posi+tive Magazine is an innovative platform for a new generation of globally-minded readers. Aimed at an international audience, Positive Magazine celebrates the best in photography, fashion, architecture, design and culture, with a strong focus on social issues and perspectives from around the world.

Posi+tive Magazine is mainly a visual platform, and submissions should be image-based. This can include photography, graphic design, illustration, artwork, etc. Please send your work only in a PDF and include a brief description along with your submission.

If you want to contribute to Posi+tive Berlin, please follow these guidelines:

Send your work to in a PDF file (please, no JPEGs, GIFs or other formats)
Do not separate the images – include all works in one file. You can use one of these free hosting services if the PDF is too big ==>  or
Please, do not send a personal portfolio, but a developed project, or a series of pictures which tells a story.
Requests that do not respond to our requirements will not be considered for publication. Only one submission per person will be accepted. Please do not send your work to multiple categories.

We look forward to seeing your work!








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