TAKE竹 When the Design Chooses to Rediscover its Roots

TAKE is a collection of carafes and glasses in hand crafted borosilicate glass designed by Venice based design studio KANZ

The TAKE竹 (Japanese for bamboo) carafe reminds the trunk of bamboo and it is in pursuing this suggestion that has been designed the nozzle cut, so as to resume the Japanese fountains with the arm swinging bamboo. That arm falls rhythmically under the weight of the water and dropping beats on the stone below to create the distinctive sound that has the function to remove the crows.

The project aimed to create objects to use, items in which the aesthetic value did not exceed the function, but on the contrary, where the decoration could be a support to the real use.

They are made by hand by the master glassmaker, who first heats the glass body and then slips it down, realizing with precision the ribs on the surface of the cylinder.

Kanz is a design office, founded by the couple of architects Mauro Cazzaro and Antonella Maione.

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