“Walter Quiet is a 21 years old photographer and he loves Art, in every form. He got into photography at the age of 15, when going out with his friends and he started to feel the need to document the days spent together and catch every single aspect of his surroundings, taking pictures with a compact camera in any possible situation.

Over time he got more and more into this thing which started as a joke so he started shooting with an DSLR camera, studying photographic technique. Over the years he continued to spend most of his free time in the company of his friends, trying to get better images, both under a technical and emotional aspect, trying to represent the moments of joy in everyday life, the adventures , the relationship with nature, the passage of time, the joy of life and at the same time the nostalgia that comes after an enjoyable time. Another fundamental experience which strongly marked his artistic sensibility, is the first trip he made to Ireland. Every summer he visit his cousin who lives there, a few steps from the ocean, and when he come back he is always a new person. In the summer of 2012 he traveled through Switzerland with some friends in a car, living experiences never lived before, sleeping in close contact with nature. From that moment his love for life exploded in his heart, it was like being born a second time. From that day he constantly  “freeze” new situations, emotions and places, hoping to convey something to others, making them part of it, bringing them within the walls of my house in the arms of loved ones and facing the most breathtaking scenery”.



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Photo&video: Rostislav Brenych style&story: Dima von Davids model: Ira

Modern China, a new landscape

Modern China, a new landscape

This project, realized between april and june of 2015 across many chinese big

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