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There are many bars and cafés in Berlin. But if there’s one that comes to mind to many people who live here, that will probably be Luzia. Their first-of-May parties have made of the place almost a myth. Stablished since 5 years now, Luzia is located in Oranienstrasse, one of the most frequented streets of Kreuzberg for going out at night.



The bar caught our eye because of its two large windows, through which you can not see that much. Once you are inside, you find out one of the most charming bars of the city. It’s not only about the wood floor, bar and tables; but also the elegance of the velvet seats and sofas, specially the cinema ones. In spite of the large windows, the inside is illuminated by small low-voltage vintage lamps. And, of course, there are candles in every single table. To our surprise, there’s an old fan hanging on the roof. Honestly, it makes the place look even cooler. Its semi-painted cracked walls will not leave you indifferent neither. The music fits to the atmosphere too. Last time we went there we listened some soft electro to jazz. It was just perfect.




Even though they don’t have any paper menu, you can check their offer on the chalkboards of the walls. The waiters and waitress were quite friendly and their prices are reasonable. Luzia is opened from 12.00 to 4.00, so you can either go for a coffee or to have a drink late at night and dance to the rhythm of any of the djs that play there. Be mindful of the crowd that is always there. It might be possible that you can not get in.



If you happen to be in Berlin, don’t hesitate to visit it.

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