Landscape Study III

luca tombolini LS III 01

Luca Tombolini, born 1979 in Milan, completed Classical Studies at high school and then graduated in Communication Studies with a final assignment on visual rhetoric in cinema. Professional photographer since 2006, is dedicating a lot of his time to personal projects. He works in large format negative film and drum scans. He prints on large scale, usually 166x125cm, lambda prints mounted on aluminum.

luca tombolini LS III 02


Standing on the edge of known and unknown I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of islands as worlds apart. For this project I decided to focus on some landscape elements: horizon, sea, ships and human traces over the land, as they all sum up my experience of contemplative observation of these greek islands through the years. My personal story behind these pictures is a coming back to places i lived ten years before during summer trips; which i now visited again looking for the same feelings of drifting apart, warmth, being far away and yet in a magical place surrounded by the sea. To look at places and communities living there suggests to me a different state of mind; it has to deal with beauty, travel, discovery: could this be the essence of life?
All my photographic series investigate how the ‘here and now’ pictured is related to the entity that contains us and of which we are part of: Universe-Life. We live in it, we are part of it, we perceive this experience but we give for granted something is far greater and deeper than any explanation.

luca tombolini LS III 03

luca tombolini LS III 04

luca tombolini LS III 05

luca tombolini LS III 06

luca tombolini LS III 07

luca tombolini LS III 08

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