Static world of Pavlo Danilevych

Edited by Odeta Catana, photography editor

Flickr Pavlo Danilevych



Could you tell us a few words about yourself?

I am twenty years old and live in Kiev, Ukraine. I’ve studied math at Kiev national university for five years. Studying doesn’t take much time, so I’m occupied with different activities. I have been writing poems for five years. Now, I prefer the photography as a way to express myself.

How did you start taking photos?

Generally, I started taking photos in 2006. It was a simple digital camera that I got as a gift from brother. Though it had only 4 megapixels and little screen, I managed to take interesting atmospheric photos. After 4 years of such activity, I started experimenting with old lenses that I took away from father’s film cameras. Soon in one moment I decided to try film photography. My first two cameras were father’s single-lens reflex Zenit TTL and rangefinder camera Smena Symbol. I used them both by turn. Then I bought another Zenit cameras, Vilia-auto rangefinder camera and finally my present main camera Praktica MTL 3.



How important do you think is school in photography?

No, I think a school is appropriate for studying theory and history of photography. It doesn’t give a talent or inspiration.



Where do you find inspiration for your photos?

In my poetry I love to express some atmosphere that is produced in my imagination. I say produced because often I do certain actions to help it to appear. I mean listening to specific music, replay specific track. And all these to catch and keep feelings. In photography…I think I need just a desire for going somewhere with camera and I’m sure I’ll take notice of great shot if it is. Maybe taking photos is like a skill so it can be done well even without inspiration.



What is important for you in a portrait?

I am not good in portraits. I don’t have many friends, so I used to shoot surrounding world. I had an attempt to take portraits from time to time, but result didn’t satisfy me very much. It needs a practice.



Could you describe a little bit your photography style?

I define my style as taking photos of static world. I like to seek for perfect combinations of things around. As for me, creating composition is another kind of photography. I haven’t tried it yet. For me it’s something artificial that doesn’t exist in nature itself. I like to look out for existing pictures and catch them untouched (with the little exception of).



What’s the photo you want to take and you never did?

I want to be a fashion photographer and take photos of beautiful girls. I never did this.




What’s your photo-mission?

I like to explore new films, cameras, lenses. It’s a lomographic side of my passion for photography. I like the way it goes and I guess, it will take a lifetime.








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