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“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” – Mark Twain

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

“People with stare. Make it worth their while” – Harry Winston

We wear clothes because in our society it’s not good or acceptable to walk around naked all the time. You can do that for the first few years of life than it’s a bit taboo. There are still indigenous people who wear little to nothing, and there are the nudist colonies should you wish to be always free of wearing garments.

When I was a young girl growing up I never put much stock in what I looked like, I knew my mom couldn’t afford much so most of my clothes were from second hand stores or discount places. The one thing that has stuck with me is the feeling that I wanted JEANS everyone at school wore them and I was always put in track pants since they were more affordable but I knew I stood out and always wanted to wear what other kids were.


Today you will find me still in track pants but that is solely by choice because damn, they are comfy! However I have grown as a woman and I like to think that I have somewhat of a fashion sense. I find that when I’m having an off day or not feeling the most confident I use my wardrobe as a defense mechanism. I gravitate towards items that my sister would consider “ugly” and like to find and wear unique things. I always want to try new things and revel in an outfit that when I look at myself I can smile and walk out of my house with confidence. I also enjoy getting compliments when I go out and get to the office (but who doesn’t) I find that clothes are a shield that I can put on and it deflects from my facial difference.
In the summer I have now grown to love maxi skirts and dresses they to me allow me to acceptably wear a nighty outside during the day and look darn good too! I wish I had jumped on the bandwagon sooner because they are the new trend they are vastly more expensive.

IMG_4069[1] IMG_4080[1]

Typical summer look. I LOVE these sequence tank tops from Old Navy Canada (

At home I’m the main purchaser of clothes for my family and I often joke with them about that. I LOVE buying things for others’ so when I see a good deal on something I know they would like I snatch it up and l love to see them wear it. When it comes to buying clothes I tend to be frugal and always try to hunt out a good deal and I’m willing to wait for something to go on sale. I cannot fathom spending $40 on a shirt, dress, skirt, (frankly any item) when I know in a month or two I will be much less and if I’m really lucky I can snatch it up for $5 or just slightly more. However if a member of my household needs something I’m good to spend whatever is required. I also love the second hand stores because it allows me to get a great pair of jeans for very little money. I have certain brands that fit me and that I like but I would never be able to afford them otherwise. I do have a hard time finding clothes that fit and I think this is true for most women as I find there are no “standard” sizes.
I have recently discovered a designer based out of the UK named Masato Jones, and have managed to get three very awesome T-Shirts that are unique and different. Love almost everything that is on their website and if I ever get the chance to visit the UK a stop in their store will be a must. I do enjoy other brands and designers but they all seem way out of reach, not approachable and way WAY outside my budget (with is slim to none).
My go to outfits for work are jeans or dress pants, shirt, and a cardigan or hoodie. I love dresses and skirts and bright colours either in my accessories or as a single item of clothing. I like mixing textures but I will NOT mix different patterns it just looks way too tacky. I try hard not to judge others’ when I see them wearing an outfit that leaves me scratching my head. I think that everyone has a right to dress how they feel I just wish some people would dress to fit their body types, this means nothing too big and nothing too small, or short, or skimpy. Some days though it’s hard not want to go up to some people and ask them what the heck they were thinking when they got dressed that morning.

IMG_4084[1] IMG_4083[1]

These two shirts are from Masato Jones “Hattie” & “Silver Bunni” (

What do you think about “style” and “fashion” what do those words mean to you? Is clothing just used because you have to? Does it define a part of your identity? For me the words “style” and “fashion” conjure up images of model and runways, of boutique stores that are outside my reach. Clothing for me as I have mentioned is somewhat of a shield and a defense mechanism, that when I use protects me from feeling unworthy and boosts my ego even just a little bit. I hope that when people think about me besides my personality they think I dress nicely, that I’m “put together” and that I have outfits or choice pieces that they envy.
Whatever clothes, style, fashion, runways, models, mean to you try to find one outfit and comment with a picture of it and let me know what it says about you. I will include some of my favourite outfits below.

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