After a year is coming back “L’Italia è di Moda”, or translated “Italy is Trendy”: a 2 days event organized by IUAV University. The event will take place in Venice between the 30th of June and the 1st of July. The title choosen for this event, it’s not a question at all, but a statement […]
Falke Svatun, Vases, Tumble, Design, Milan Design Week

Like a drop falling from the sky that doesn’t touch the ground, it remains suspended in an other dimension, in an unreal atmosphere that seems to block the gravitational force. This is the feeling given by the series of vessels designed and created by the Norwegian designer Falke Svatun: these objects have a cut edge […]
Fernando Mastrangelo, Design, New York, Cement, Furniture

The hard and solid cement turns into something light and mild: it seems to be a piece of airy sky. How? Through the hands of the artist Fernando Mastrangelo, who presented his series of elements of Cement Series (part of MMaterial Collection) at New York Design Week, in Sight Unseen Offsite exhibition at Manhattan’s Grace Building. The […]
Design, Milan Design Week, Salone del Mobile 2016, Milan, Italy

April is finally arrived! Are we excited for the sun, nice weather and spring? No. Because, even this year, the time of the Salone del Mobile and the Milan Design Week has come. The focus will be, as always, Rho Fiera, the Milan fairgrounds, which will become the international design meeting point for a week, from […]

In many ways, it has never been easier to sell your home than it is now. Not only can you guarantee a quick house sale with Open Property group and similar service providers, for example, but demand continues to outstrip supply in the housing market as a whole. The fact that it is easy to […]
Thema Optical, Foves, Design, Philosopheyes, Cadore, Belluno, Glasses, Heartmade

  The Italian excellence is famous all over the world in many sectors. In particular the province of Belluno has as its flagship Cadore, kingdom of the eyewear production. Here, between the Dolomites Mountains, for more than forty years, from 1964 to 2007, the Foves factory has been creating high quality eyewear, made with care and passion. Thema Optical, a leading eyewear company […]
Design, Iittala, Issey Miyake, Iittala x Issey Miyake

What happens when Nordic design history meets Japanese refinement? The Stockholm Design Week was the best place to discover the solution: during this event, in fact, Iittala, a manufacturer of glass and furniture from 1881 in the namesake village, which among others, gave birth to the design work of Alvar Aalto, presented the collection Iittala […]

An old saying ‘Excess is dangerous’ has proved pivotal for mankind and its evolution. With the increasing shortage of time, the affair of an office man with his desk/chair has intensified (literally and figuratively). Too much of sitting has made man a fixture to his chair. Exercise and fitness have become the least important priorities of […]

  Ana Radovanović (8/12/1986), a very stylish and colorful girl, is a design journalist and graphic designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. She has studied cello instrument in Music High School in Beograd, painting in Rome and Communication and Editorial Design in Urbino, Italy. Ana won the First award at Dan D design festival 2015 in […]

Everyone came accross a specific question at least once in a lifetime: “What will the future be like?”. Quite often the answer comes from the world of design, the only one capable of giving us a glimpse of tomorrow, not just in a romantic way, but analysing dynamics and issues of today and projecting solutions […]